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WaveFlyer electric hydrofoil jet ski

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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. In some ways we wonder what took so long!

The electric revolution is well and truly establishing a market in the marine industry including Jet Skis.
From an engineering prospective Jet Skis don't ever coast though. They need power all the time to keep up momentum.
Is this the answer? It could well be the efficiency that has been sought to make the electric rise feasible for the sport in general.

Another possible way to enter the market with a practical usability may well be hybrid.

With Yamaha's 1800 motor a close relative of the older Toyota Corolla petrol engine perhaps hybrids will lead the way? Our sources tell us there has been some stunning results at Yamaha and some even consider it to be way too fast for general market release!

Either way it happens, if you've ever been lucky enough to go for a ride in a Tesla you'll be just as keen for this technology to evolve as us converts are!
Let the future good times roll!

For more info on the hydrofoil Jet Ski pictured there is a terrific story here: