Tazzie looks like heaps of fun!


Fun First!
I headed to Hobart this week and all I could think of was what a wonderful place to ride it would be.
The mighty Derwent looks unbelievable and the scenery is spectacular.
The Beaches look like fun too as does the coastal exploration.

Anyway due to the Snow I didn't venture out on the water but I would like to come back in Jan, Feb or March to do some exploring.

Maybe we can arrange a big road trip. Or even just ride across like Christian did wh

Here is a video we found from the Taz Club.

The 2012-13 TJSBC year in review on Vimeo


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Absolutely stunning place. Spent about 10 days riding around Tassie on the bike a few years ago and definitely want to do it all again, this time with the skis though. Perhaps next year?