Sunday 24th November - Breakky @ Horizon Shores


Fun First!
Hi everyone,

Well Sundays looking like the pick of the days this weekend.
Theres some moderate wind forcasted so were planning to stay in protected waters.

The plan is to leave from Paradise Parade, Paradise Point at no later than 7.15 so Please be launched by 7am.

We'll map out a track to ride depending on the weather but it will definately be suitable for new riders and those who dont want to ride fast.

You will need 1 full tank of fuel only and a couple of short ropes for tying up at Breakfast. There is fuel at Horizons for those that worry ;) But there in no 4 stroke Ski that cant do this ride on one full tank easily.

You wont need flares, v sheet or a PLB. Whilst we will stop at Jumpinpin for jibber jabber (as always) you can still go outside for a quick play if you stay within around 450m from shore. Type 2 (Level 50) Life Jacket will be required for that though.

We should easily be back by around 11.30am.

Afterwards were heading back to wash the Skis and swim in the Pool at the Jet Ski Shack so everyones invited to bring some nibblys join us if you can!

Its a requirement of this ride to bring an excellent sense of humour and fun.

Anyone found to be breaching this rule will be used as the source of such merriment for the entire day. rotflmaocl

Hope to see you then!


Jet Ski Club

Weathers holding and it's looking lake an awesome day!
See yas at the ramp around 7am for a day on fun on the water!!

ps. If anyone wants any JetSki.XXX Flush, wash etc just pm me and I'll bring it to the ramp :)

Jet Ski Club

Hi everyone,
Due to an unexpected downgrade to the forecast tomorrow we've decided it's not suitable for a fun social ride.
Whilst it's still ride able we don't expect it to be very sociable so have reluctantly decided to postpone the ride until next weekend.
Let's hope it starts to stabilize a bit more by then!
See you on the water .... next time!