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Jet Ski Club

Did you know that the AJSA is the peak body representing your awesome sport?
The AJSA is a lobby organisation that has had many changes made to legislation, safety and infrasturcture for everyone involved in the sport of Jet Skiing in Australia.
Our current issues of focus are in Victoria and NSW.
Whilst we’ve got a fight on our hands in both states, we’ve got the talent and experience on board to get the job done.
The AJSA does not run events as such but has opportunities for clubs or promoters to run events in areas of interest.
We do however run an advanced training course for our members of the sport to become more competent and risk adverse.
We also run an excellent Rescue Watercraft Operators course for those aspiring to improve their skills in this area for both recreational and events.
Please consider becoming a member. All funds go towards funding activities to improve our sport.